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4 Ways To Use Bifocal Glasses For Various Sporting Hobbies

Playing and watching a variety of sports requires a keen eye to see everything that is happening. As you get older, vision issues may change from just one problem to multiple problems that result in the need for wearing bifocals. These types of glasses have two lenses built into one frame and come in a variety of styles and designs. If you participate in any of the following sporting hobbies, then you can take advantage of bifocal glasses and learn how to use them to the best of your ability. Each sport has different ways to use the glasses effectively and can have a large impact on your visuals and performance.


While hunting, it's important to see animals in the distance and be able to properly load your weapon close up. A pair of bifocal glasses can help you see the small details while giving you a far visual range across a hunting field or wooded area. As you hunt, you may find yourself in tree stands or low to the ground. Instead of constantly adjusting your head or the position of your glasses, you can purchase a special pair of bifocals known as the Double-D lens. Instead of featuring just a small lens for near vision on the bottom of the frame, there is an additional close lens located at the top of the frame. This makes it easy to load weapons and make adjustments without constantly tilting your head or adjusting the glasses.


Performing on the golf course requires you to see the distance of the hole while still focusing on a ball for putting and hitting off a tee. When wearing a pair of traditional bifocals, you may find that the bottom lens interferes with your ability to properly see a ball when swinging. Instead of taking off your glasses before each shot, you can purchase a pair of bifocals specifically made for golfers. The small lens for near vision is made smaller so your visual of a golf ball is not impaired. This is typically only adjusted on the side of the lens that matches your dominant hand. For example, if you swing right-handed, then the small near lens will be placed on the right lens of your glasses. This can make a huge difference while you golf and still give you proper visuals for filling out scorecards or using your phone while on the course.

Baseball League Coaching

If you're a parent, then you may want to help your children by coaching one of their sports teams. In the game of baseball, bifocals are important for seeing out on the field and performing tasks in the dugout. The small lenses are ideal for filling out details like balls, strikes, and following batting lineups. The larger portion of the lens can be used to see pitching, hitting, and fielding performance. The use of a bifocal can go a long way in helping your team and making proper adjustments along the way. Another option to consider for coaching baseball is an E-D trifocal lens. This lens includes three different pieces that can cover multiple distances. This can help with the different lengths found on a baseball field.


Poker may not have the physical attributes of a traditional sport, but it is often considered a mind sport for the players involved. Playing poker is about seeing the cards along with a specific focus on other players. It's important to have the ability to read faces, watch hand movements, and quickly count bets as they are placed into a pool. Bifocal glasses allow you to clearly see cards and symbols. The smaller near lens is great for quick glances down to the cards without the need for making dramatic head movements. You can also keep your eyes focused on the table and ensure that you are betting the proper amount of chips.

Consult with an eye doctor to choose the best of bifocal for your needs. This will help you establish the best lens and designs for the particular sport that you participate in.

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