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4 Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Fight Back Against Your Spring Allergies

If you suffer from spring allergies, your house should be the one place where you can go to get away from them. However, allergens are very tiny and persistent, and they can easily make their way into your house as well. Here are a few cleaning tips that will help you fight back against your spring allergies and ensure that your home is your safe haven.

#1 Dust With A Damp Cloth

In order to cut back on the allergens that make their way into your house, one of the most helpful things you can do is dust. However, when you dust, you shouldn't use a dry cloth or dusting tool. Instead, you should use either a damp cloth or a cloth or dusting tool that has been treated with a dusting spray. This will help attract the dust to the object you are cleaning with and prevent dust from getting blown into the air and redistributed around your home.

#2 Vacuum With A HEPA filter

Another great way to cut back on the allergens that get into your home is by vacuuming your carpet. During the spring allergy season when your allergies are at their worst, increase how frequently you vacuum your home. Make sure you vacuum at least twice a week, although more frequently works as well.

Make sure that your vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filters. HEPA filters represent the top of the market when it comes to allergy control; they are able to grab onto and trap the tiniest of particles and keep them inside of your vacuum and out of your air.

#3 Wash All Your Bedding

You may not realize it, but the allergens that are bugging you in your home may actually be hiding in your bedding. Dust mites can really aggravate your spring allergies, and they like to hide out in your bedding. Take the time to wash all of your bedding at least once a week with hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. This will kill any dust mites that are hiding out in your bedding and help get rid of any other allergens that are present.

If you have a hard time washing your bedding once a week, purchase an extra set of bedding so you can swap out your sheets, pillowcase and blankets at least once a week.

#4 Use Natural Cleaning Products

When it is time to clean the rest of your house, do not use regular household cleaners. Many regular household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be irritating and triggering if you suffer from allergies. Instead, purchase green cleaning products that are made out of natural cleaning products or make your own cleaners instead. 

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