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Your Guide to Lice Clinics So Your Child Can Quickly Return to School

If you have one or more children in your home between the ages of three and eleven, there is an excellent chance that he or she will contract lice at some time. Although the statistics for the precise number of kids who are afflicted are not available, it is known that at least six million children in the United States between those ages catch lice each year. Therefore, when you need to get those quick-spreading bugs and their eggs out of your child's hair and your home, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information about lice and lice clinics.   

Understanding the Disaster That Is Often Lice

It is first necessary to understand that in recent years, lice have evolved. In much of the United States, it no longer can be adequately treated with the shampoos, conditioners, and sprays found in many pharmacies and grocery stores. Its resistance to those treatments can be seen when all of the lice are unaffected by the treatment, only seem stunned after being treated, or if just a portion of the bugs die. 

Unfortunately, many schools have a no-nit policy and removing every dead or live egg from a child's hair can be exceptionally challenging, especially if your child has long, thick, or curly hair. The good news is that many of the prescriptions for treating lice are still effective. As a result, before spending your money on a treatment that is almost guaranteed to fail, you should consider taking your son or daughter to a nearby lice clinic.  

Why You Should Visit a Lice Clinic 

A lice clinic is unique in that they can often tailor your care to your budget, so there is no fear of an unexpectedly big bill. In addition, many parents are shocked to discover that because lice don't pose a health risk, it does not always result in the emergency or fit in appointments provided by many pediatricians. In addition, although biting lice are uncomfortable and the bites have the potential to soon become infected due to being scratched, the use of an emergency room at your local hospital is a similarly questionable choice. 

Therefore, it will behoove you and your family to be aware that it is often possible to obtain the quality lice treatments you need through the mail if you don't have an actual lice clinic in your area.  Alternatively, special combs also exist that can kill lice and remove their eggs, so you should contact a lice clinic as soon as possible to address the infestation of bugs in your child's hair with the most appropriate method.

In conclusion, removing every dead bug and each deceased or live egg from a child's hair is not easy, but is often demanded by schools before your child is allowed to return to class after being afflicted with lice. As a result, taking your child to a lice clinic will be helpful.