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Minimizing The Chance Of Bee Sting Reactions

If you had never been stung by a bee in the past, you may wonder what will happen if one happens to sting you in the future. Since some people are allergic to bee stings, there is a chance that you may suffer from a reaction yourself. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the chance of an adverse bee sting reaction.

See An Allergist To Discuss Options

An allergy specialist will be able to help in telling you what symptoms to watch out for should you be a bee sting allergy victim. They will also be able to conduct tests if you have a valid fear of being stung by bees and the results of an allergy. This will let you know if you are indeed prone to having bee sting symptoms or if you can relax because you do not have the attributes an allergy-sufferer carries. If you are found to have an allergy, you will be given medication to be administered right after you get stung.

Avoid Bees To Minimize Risk Of Stinging

It is a good idea to try to stay away from bees so you do not become stung at all. When you go outdoors in an area where bees have been known to frequent, wear light-colored clothing to help keep any bees in the area from becoming agitated. Do not wear any products with a fragrance, such as hair spray, perfume, cologne, soaps or hair care products as these are likely to be an attraction to bees as well as other insects. 

Know How To React If A Bee Is Near

If you notice a bee near you, and you never were stung in the past, you are likely to exhibit signs of fear or anxiety. Do your best to remain calm and do not move your body while the bee is flying around near you. If you remain still, it will be less likely to sting. If a bee lands on you, try to gently blow upon it. This may cause it to fly away without causing you any harm.

Take Steps To Deter Bees From Your Yard

It is best to avoid bringing food out in your yard if you suspect bees are in the area. Many beverages, like soda or juice, will attract bees because of the sugary content within these liquids. If you decide to have a meal on your patio or yard, use cups with covers to help in keeping bees from getting inside drinks. Remove any leftovers from the area promptly after eating. Make sure to wash off your garbage can's lid immediately after your trash pickup and keep it on top of the can to keep bees from going inside of the container.