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3 Things to Do if You Are With Someone Having a Heart Attack

If you are with someone who thinks that they are having a heart attack, you want to know what you should do to help them. It can be scary, but knowing what to do can help you in the situation. 

Stay Calm

It's going to be hard, especially if you're close to the person, but you need to stay calm. It will help you, and more to the point, it will help the person who may be having the heart attack. They are already stressing out a lot and more anxiety can cause them to have more problems. So, before you do anything take the time to take a couple of deep breaths and push your worry down until you can handle it better 

Call 911

It doesn't matter if you think that you can get to the ER faster, you don't want to put that person in your car and drive them to the hospital. There are several reasons for this. One is that you have to obey traffic laws, which an ambulance doesn't necessarily have to do. Another reason for this is that EMTs are trained to deal with this situation. If the person you are with starts getting worse, the EMTs will be able to do what's necessary, including giving the person CPR if necessary. The ambulance will also be equipped with medications and equipment which can help manage the heart attack symptoms until they get to the hospital. 

Check for Medication

If the person has problems with their heart, they may already have medication to help in this case. Check to see if they have nitroglycerin or other medication with them and get them to take it. If they do take it, make sure that you tell the EMTs and/or doctors that they took their medication. It's important for the medical professionals to know if the person has taken any medication so that they can make appropriate choices. You may also want to check to see if the person has a record of all their medications and how much they take so that the medical professionals have that information as well, especially if the person having the heart attack is unconscious and can't tell the doctors what they are on. 

If you are with someone who is having a heart attack, you may feel like you have no control of the situation and it can be scary. Knowing what to do can help you help that person.