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Contact Lenses For Kids? Tips For The Transition

For young kids, finding out that they need glasses can be a troubling, and sometimes traumatizing, experience. From the fear of being different to the concerns about bullying and teasing, many children are distressed by the need to wear them. If your child is having trouble seeing, you may wonder about the possibility of contact lenses instead of glasses for vision correction. Although they were once thought only suitable for teens, contacts are a viable option even for younger children in some cases. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're considering this for your child.

Start With An Eye Exam

Even if you already have a prescription for your child's glasses, you'll want to schedule another appointment with the optometrist if you're considering contact lenses. The exam for contact lens wearers is slightly different because it includes measurements of the eye as well as the determination of the proper lens power. Because contacts sit directly on the eye, the prescription is typically different than that of glasses.

During this exam, the optometrist will also make sure that your child's eyes are healthy enough to support contact lens wear and will provide recommendations for you to choose the best type of lens for him or her to wear. At the same time, this provides an ideal opportunity for the optometrist to teach your child about proper contact lens handling and wear.

Consider Buying Daily Wear Lenses

Especially if you're considering the contacts for a young child, you may find that the best place to start is with daily wear contacts. These are disposable, so your child can put a brand new pair in every day and then throw them away at night. This eliminates the concerns about proper cleaning and storage of the lenses, which can make that initial transition slightly easier for younger kids. As your child gets used to wearing them and becomes more responsible, he or she can transition to longer wear lenses that need to be cleaned and properly stored.

Be Patient Through The Transition

Transitioning from glasses to contacts can be a bit of a struggle for young kids, particularly if they haven't been wearing glasses for long. Be patient with your child as he or she adjusts and plan to use glasses as the primary correction method at school until he or she is ready to wear the contacts for more extended periods of time. Let your child dictate when they are ready. As they start wearing the lenses more regularly, make sure you allow for more time in their schedule to get ready in the morning and prepare for bedtime, as putting in and removing the lenses may take time at first.

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