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Durable Medical Supplies And Accessories To Help With Bathing

If you have been permanently injured in an accident or are suffering from the effects of a debilitating illness, you need the right medical supplies to foster your independence. There are a range of items that can help you throughout your home, but the exact supplies you need depend on your condition. Here's a look at what can help in the bathroom.

1. Shower Seats

Even if you can walk, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can tolerate standing for long periods of time. In a slippery shower, that can be especially dangerous. Consider a shower seat to make washing safer and easier.

If you have a home health care aide who helps you with bathing, you may also want to invest in a stool for them. That makes it easier for them to reach over the tub or into the shower, and it puts them at a convenient height for helping you.

2. Walk-in Tub

Stepping over the side of the tub can be difficult with a range of physical impairments. In some cases, you may want to replace your tub with a shower. However, if you want the flexibility of both, you may want to switch to a walk-in tub.

That has a small door that you can open and step through. When the door is closed, it creates a strong seal just like a regular bathtub. However, you can't open the door until the tub fully drains, and because of that, you should also consider installing a faster drain with your walk-in tub. Some come with that option.

3. Transfer Bench

If a walk-in tub is out of your price range, you may want to consider a transfer bench. The transfer bench straddles either side of the bathtub. Basically, you sit on the bench while you are standing outside of the tub, and then, you swing your legs over the side of the tub and lower yourself gently into the tub.

Alternatively, there are also slings. You can hang these from the ceiling in your bathroom, and they are designed to help people in wheelchairs get into the bathtub. The sling looks similar to a hammock chair but with straps to hold you in place. Then, you get into it from your wheelchair, secure the straps and use the cable to pull yourself over to the shower. Some people also use slings to get from their beds into a wheelchair. Although there is a learning curve, it can be an invaluable tool for independence.

4. Grab Bars

Grab bars can also be helpful either on their own or in conjunction with the other items on this list. You can have grab bars installed inside or outside a shower, near the toilet or anywhere else you need them in your bathroom. They give you something to grab for stability.

5. Slip-Resistant Flooring

Although slip-resistant flooring is not precisely durable medical equipment, you may still want to invest in it. When you are coming out of a shower with wet feet, you risk falling and further injuring yourself. The right mats or tile can help you avoid that.

6. Detachable Shower head

Again, a detachable shower head is not precisely medical equipment, but it can be helpful. When you can take off the shower head, you don't necessarily need to stand in the shower. Instead, you can sit but also use the shower head to get a good, strong clean. In addition, you can get a better angle with a detachable shower head than a fixed one if you are showering while sitting on a bench.

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