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Physical Therapy For A Knee Related Injury

The body truly is an incredible thing, and can do amazing things if we treat it correctly. Unfortunately the body can sustain injury and we can experience pain. This happens often in sports, and can have a dramatic affect on the athletes future performance. Now more than ever, physical therapy is one of the main ways to get an athlete back onto the field of his or her choice. There are many different ways that you can go through physical therapy, and many different treatments. It will often depend on the type of injury that you sustain. This article is going to cover a few different exercises that you can go through if you have sustained a knee related injury.

Light Therapy

A type of therapy that is gaining in popularity but is still relatively new is light wave therapy. This is a type of therapy where the physical therapist will have a light wand that emits different wavelengths of light. The light is able to penetrate the skin, muscle, and other tissue to reach the affected area. The light waves stimulate the different cells and causes them to start healing themselves. The therapy is proving to be very effective, and the best part is that it does not hurt at all.

Electro Therapy

One of the most common ways to stimulate the knee is to use electro therapy. This is an exercise where the physical therapist will put electrodes on different parts of your knee and then put an electrical pulse through those electrodes. The electricity will travel through your knee and stimulate all of the different tissue in your knee. This exercise stimulates all the nerve endings in your knee, and can significantly increase blood flow through the knee. The particular therapy has been used a very long time, and it is because it is so effective. 

Muscle Development 

Once you knee starts to feel a bit better, do not be surprised if your physical therapist starts having you actually use your knee. Whether you just got out of surgery or are recovering from a small injury, building the muscle and developing the balance of the knee is an integral part of the physical therapy process. You will likely have a brace on, and will have to bed your knee, walk, and put pressure on the knee to start developing the muscle and balance that you need. These exercises can put your body in a little bit of pain, but the exercises are extremely important for your recovery.