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Want To Do Something Kind For Someone Else? 4 Reasons You Should Become An Egg Donor

If you've never thought about donating your eggs, you should. You might not realize this, but according to statistics, about 6 million US women between the ages of 15-44, have difficulty getting pregnant, or staying pregnant. Many of those women turn to fertility treatments as a way to realize their dreams of carrying a child to term. Of those women who turn to fertility treatment, many of them will require donated eggs to become pregnant. When you donate your eggs, you're helping someone realize their dreams. If you still think egg donation isn't for you, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider.

You'll Be Part of a Bigger Picture

When you help someone realize their dream of becoming a parent, you're not just helping them. You're not just affecting their life. You're affecting the lives of everyone within their circle of friends and family members. You'll also be affecting the life of the person that comes from your egg. You never know what impact the egg you donate will have on the world as you know it. By donating your eggs, you'll be part of a much bigger picture.

You'll Be an Example to Others

You might not realize this, but your decision to donate your eggs could serve as a valuable example to others. Through your decision to help those who are struggling with infertility, you could influence those around you to make the same decision. Through your donation, many others of your friends and family members may choose to become egg donors too, which could benefit countless couples who are trying to become pregnant.

You'll Be Compensated for Your Donation

When you donate eggs, you'll receive compensation for your services. The compensation you receive could help you get ahead in your own life. Through egg donation, you'd be helping an infertile couple, and you'd be helping yourself get ahead financially. It's a win-win situation.

You'll Be Given a Thorough Physical

If you don't have health insurance, it can be expensive to pay cash for medical screenings. When you sign up to become an egg donor, you'll be provided a thorough physical and extensive health screenings free-of-charge. You'll also receive free psychological health screenings. That means when you're done with your exams, you'll be able to see exactly how healthy you are.

Help someone who's struggling with infertility. Become an egg donor. For information, contact a center such as Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine.