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Some Of The Most Common Reasons People See A Doctor

It is never easy to be a parent. One of the unique challenges that parents have is knowing when to take their child to the doctor, or when to go to their doctor themselves. There are some things that doctors are used to seeing and treating, and most likely at least some point at everyone's life, they will go to the doctor for one of these reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons people see the doctor.

1. Infections of The Sinuses and Ears

Did you know that ear infections are one of the most common illnesses in young children? As the child gets older, they are less likely to get infections in their ears, mostly because their ear canal grows and their canal isn't so shallow so they can drain the fluid that builds up in the ear. As people get older however, they still get infections in the sinus cavity. It usually starts out in the nose, and then instead of draining out the nose, it gets caught back behind the face and turns into a sinus infection.

When you have a sinus infection, your face will hurt, it will hurt worse when you bend forward. You will also feel tooth pain. Many people think that they have a cavity because of the toothaches. You might also have a hard time hearing, and have a headache. If your sinus infection lasts more than 5 days, see a doctor.

2. Preventative Care

One of the best things you can do for your health is see a doctor for preventative measures. For instance, you should be taking your family into the doctor every fall season to get a flu shot. The flu shot can protect you, and especially your young children, from the dangerous flu. You should also be considering going in for well child check ups with immunizations. Your child will also get routine check-ups and screenings so that you can catch dangerous illness and problems.

3. Trauma

Lastly, many people see the doctor after some sort of accident or traumatic event. For instance, if you suspect your child has broken a bone, you should see your family doctor first. If your child has a cut that needs to be stitched up, your family doctor can take care of it. There is no need to go to the ER unless it is after hours.

These are some of the more common reasons people see a doctor, like Hampstead Medical Center PC.