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Tips For Reducing Diabetic Neuropathy Issues With Your Diet

If you are diabetic and have pain in your feet, then you may be suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy can be stressful and debilitating, but there are some ways that you can control the discomfort. Keep reading to learn how your diet can help with this.

Lower Blood Sugar

Your doctor may have explained to you the cause of your neuropathy. If you are diabetic, this is likely due to a blood sugar level that is out of control. High blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage and this creates the neuropathy issue. This is especially true in areas where there are many different nerves that sit both close to the skin and deep underneath it, like the feet.

Neuropathy tends to start in the feet and creep up towards the ankles and legs. It is best to keep nerve damage at bay before damage continues upward and managing your blood sugar by watching your diet can greatly assist with this.

While it is best to watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake, these are not the only foods that help to keep your blood sugar down. Increasing your fiber intake and drinking more water can assist you. Also, eat foods that are high in protein. This can help you to fuel your body and stay feeling full so you do not want to reach for a sweet treat. When you do want something sweet, make sure to opt for a diabetic treat made with an artificial diabetic substitute.

Eat Vitamin Rich Foods

When you speak with your physician about neuropathy issues, make sure a blood test is completed. This can help you to track your blood sugar and it can also assist in locating vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies can cause some neuropathy issues. If you are deficient, then balancing your nutrient intake can reduce some of the pain and numbness caused by the vitamin deficiency.

Anemia issues and the intake of both iron and B12 can cause issues and so can deficiencies in vitamin D and magnesium. Make sure to eat foods high in thee nutrients if you are deficient. 

Also, it is best to stay away from foods that can cause inflammation as this can place pressure on nerves that are already damaged. Dairy products can cause some inflammation and so can fried foods, so cut these things from your diet.

If you need more suggestions on how to reduce or treat your neuropathy, speak with a professional, such as at Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center.