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Administer Oral Swab Tests And Provide The Results In A Professional Manner

Drug testing will determine if anyone who applies for a job at your warehouse is under the influence of an illegal or controlled substance that could hinder their ability to perform job duties efficiently or that could possibly be detrimental to their own health and the safety of others. If oral swab testing is the type of testing that you have chosen to use, administer the tests and provide the results in a professional manner. 

Be Upfront And Familiarize Yourself

When advertising about open positions at the warehouse, make sure that a brief description of the drug testing is included so that potential applicants will be aware of the testing that must be passed.

Order drug testing supplies that include sterilized oral swabs, hygienic gloves, and packaging that can be used to send back tests that are going to be processed at a separate facility. Familiarize yourself with the components of the testing kit so that on the days that testing will be performed, you are ready to hand out a test to each applicant.

Perform The Tests At The End Of An Interview

Don't go ahead and test applicants prior to determining if they are a good fit for your company. Sit down with each individual and spend some time getting to know the applicants, the skills that they possess, and their work history profiles. Provide detailed information about what products are manufactured and sold by the business and the job openings that need to be filled.

Tell each applicant that at the end of an interview, you will be handing them an oral swab and that they can use the swab to collect saliva from their mouth while they are seated in the room with you. A swab test will eliminate the risk of someone trying to deceive you by swapping specimens or by providing a specimen that they brought along with them.

Cover your hands with hygienic gloves before handing a swab to each applicant. After a test is performed, store the swab in a sleeve or container that was supplied with the testing kit. Perform all of the tests before sending the swabs to a testing facility. 

Provide Test Results

Each person who applies for a job should be encouraged to reveal information about prescription drugs that they are currently taking so that if their test results show signs of drug usage, you will already be aware of the reason why. For other candidates who fail a test, reveal the news of each failure confidentially.

Hand or mail an individual a typewritten letter that states that they failed a test or call up applicants to break the news to them. If candidates pass a test, let them know when you reach out to them to tell them that they have been hired for a specific position at the warehouse. 

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