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Tips For Preparing For A Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is an important medical procedure that detects pre-cancerous polys or the early stages of colorectal cancers. Colorectal cancers one of the top causes of cancer deaths, but when the cancer is caught early during a colonoscopy, there is a good chance that the cancer can be properly treated before the cancer spreads. One of the keys to a colonoscopy is to prepare for the procedure successfully. Use the following tips for colonoscopy preparation.

Carefully Read Your Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

Prior to your colonoscopy, your doctor will give you printed prep instructions. It is extremely important to read the instructions carefully to ensure that you are ready for the procedure; if you do not properly prep for a colonoscopy, the procedure will not be able to clearly see inside your colon. If you are unclear about any of the instructions, do not hesitate to call your doctor's office for clarification. It is also important to pick up the prescribed liquid bowel prep solution in advance, so you have it available the day before your scheduled procedure.

Stock Up on Clear Liquids

The day before your colonoscopy you will be restricted to only consuming clear liquids. Generally, it is okay to drink anything that does not contain blue, purple, or red dye. This means it is okay to drink water, clear sodas, sports drinks, and coffee or tea without milk/creamer. It is very important to stay hydrated while prepping for your colonoscopy since the prepping process involves diarrhea that can lead to dehydration.

Give Yourself Time to Prep

It is important to clear your schedule and ensure that you properly follow all of the colonoscopy prep instructions given to you by your doctor. Due to the nature of colonoscopy prep, plan on being at home for the duration of the prep period. Make sure that you do not have any responsibilities or plans the day before a colonoscopy so that you can do the prep properly.

Stay Near the Bathroom

The liquid bowel prep solution prescribed by your doctor causes diarrhea, so it is very important to be very close to a bathroom after you drink it. The liquid bowel prep solution can make it very difficult to control your bowels, so your best option may be to stay in the bathroom after you consume it. You may experience several hours of strong diarrhea -- this is normal, and it helps ensure that your colon is clear so that the colonoscopy will be successful. 

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