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How Cosmetic Surgery On Your Broken Nose Can Protect Your Soccer Career

Soccer players can get a lot of bumps and bruises while they play, such as a broken nose. This problem can occur when a ball strikes your face or if you get hit too hard by a competitor. Unfortunately, it can negatively affect your career if you don't get high-quality cosmetic surgery done on it.

A Broken Nose May Narrow Your Breathing Passages

When you suffer from a broken nose on the soccer field, you are going to be taken out of the game until it heals. Even worse, you might experience complications as it heals, such as a narrowing of your nostrils. This problem often occurs if you don't get immediate treatment or if your nose isn't set right and it heals in a slightly crooked manner.

If your broken nose causes narrow breathing passages in your nose, you are going to have a hard time competing on a soccer field. Just imagine yourself out on the field for a moment. You are likely breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth as you compete.

That is the normal and healthy way to breathe while you are exercising or competing in a sport. However, narrower nostrils will make it harder for the proper amount of oxygen to reach your lungs. In this scenario, your endurance may suffer. Thankfully, it is possible to get this problem fixed with cosmetic surgery.

Repairing A Broken Nose With Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgery on the nose – or rhinoplasty – reconstructs your nose to improve its strength and shape after it gets broken. This surgery is important to get if you're struggling to breathe properly and compete after experiencing a broken nose. With rhinoplastic procedures, you can open up your airways and get the oxygen you need to compete.

Just as importantly, it can help you retain an attractive and pleasant look to your nose. The crooked tip common with broken noses may look cool but can be embarrassing for many. If you hate how your nose looks after it breaks, cosmetic surgery can even help you and make it easier for you to get noticed by professional leagues or scouts.

So if you are going through a broken nose injury and you need help getting it back into shape, don't hesitate to contact a cosmetic surgeon about it. They will take the time to address the problem and fix it in a way that not only improves your breathing passage but helps you look better. Visit a website like to learn more.