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Period Help: How To Get Through Your Week With Aunt Flo

That one week that comes each month can be a pain for some women. The cramping, the pain, the headaches, and of course the uncomfortable pad or tampon that you have to wear. All of this will last an entire week, sometimes longer (and if you're lucky, sometimes it's shorter). To get through your next period, there are a few things you can do to lessen the symptoms and allow you to continue on with your daily life without missing a beat. Read on for some helpful tips.

Keep Pain Reliever On Hand

If your periods bring you pain or headaches, be sure to keep pain reliever on hand. You may not be able to lay down or stop moving if you're at school or work, so you need something that will help take away the pain and keep you moving. Pain relievers such as Advil, Aleve, or Ibuprofen can all help alleviate this pain and help you keep going on with your day.

Keep Extra Tampons And Pads On Hand

If you have a heavier flow one day, you'll want to have extra tampons or pads on hand so you can change throughout the day. Keep a small purse or pouch in your desk at work or in your backpack so you always have some on hand, especially if you have a surprise while away from home. 

Bring Feminine Wipes

Feminine wipes can be helpful if you have a heavy flow; this way you can keep clean throughout the day and not have any odors or feel like you're dirty. Bring a small pouch of wipes to keep with you, along with your extra tampons and pads. You can find these types of wipes in the feminine hygiene section at your local pharmacy or grocery store. 

Take Time To Rest

Take time to rest and relax when you can while on your period. The extra rest can help you deal with the pain and can also help alleviate any headaches or migraines you may have while on your period. Don't try to push yourself too much or you will wear yourself out.

Take A Bath

Soaking in a warm bath can help you relax and help ease any pain you may be feeling from your period. Use Epsom salts in your bath to help get rid of toxins in the body. It can help with bloat and ease pain as well.

Your period comes each month, and some periods may be worse than others. Help ease the symptoms you experience each month by following the tips above. Talk to your gynecologist about other tips to ease your period symptoms.