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4 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone found in males that is responsible for a man's muscle build, bone density, sex drive, sperm, as well as fat cells and blood cells. Young adolescent males begin to get testosterone during puberty, and as a man ages, he will begin to lose his testosterone. Low testosterone can cause a number of different issues, especially if the levels get too low. Read on for a few symptoms of low testosterone and what can be done about it.

Low Sex Drive

If you suddenly have no interest in sex at all or have an issue with getting or keeping an erection, it could be a sign of low testosterone levels. Over the years, you may have a lower than normal sex drive, but if it is very noticeable and sudden, it could be a testosterone issue. 

Mood Swings

Sway in your emotions, where one minute you're very happy, but suddenly you become sad for no reason, or even angry for no reason, could be a testosterone issue. Your mood swings will be apparent to those around you and could pose a problem in personal relationships, or even in your workplace relationships.

Sleep Changes

You may have a noticeable change in your sleep patterns. You may be a lot more tired than normal during the day, but experience insomnia at night. The tossing and turning will not only keep you awake but can keep your partner awake as well. This lack of sleep can contribute further to your mood swings, and cause you even more irritability.

Increased Weight Or Body Changes

The way your body stores fat can also change with low testosterone. You may also gain weight with low testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for fat cells, and the way they are stored throughout the body may mean your body may be carrying your weight differently. You may also experience a lack of muscle mass as well, which could then appear as fat instead.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, talk to your physician about low testosterone and replacement therapy. You could benefit greatly from testosterone replacement. Therapy may include injections, pills, or even a patch. The type of therapy depends on your age and your health. Some people may not be eligible for testosterone replacement therapy. Those with health conditions such as cancer, or heart-related conditions may not be eligible for this type of therapy. 

If you feel you are showing any of these symptoms, consider contacting a testosterone replacement therapy physician.