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How YAG Laser Treatment Helps Protect Against Cornea Infections

The eye is a complex organ of the body and one that can be prone to various types of conditions. For example, the cornea is an important protective shell that can get infected and cause other health issues that may temporarily or even permanently affect a person's vision. Therefore, it is essential to get treatment for this condition in a way that makes sense for an individual's needs.

Cornea Infections Can Be Very Damaging

The cornea is the protective shell of the eye that keeps the more delicate interior parts safe from infection and damage. However, this shell can also be infected by bacteria and other items, triggering damage that may impact a person's vision. Even if their vision isn't damaged, an infection can become quite painful and cause their eye to swell and become very tender.

Even worse, an infection to the cornea could spread down and into other areas of the eye, damaging the iris and even affecting the cones and rods on the back surface of the eye. When this happens, a person may be at risk for blindness ā€” a problem that can be easily avoided by treating this condition properly. And the best way to manage cornea infections is with YAG laser treatment therapy.

How YAG Treatment Helps

YAG laser eye treatment is designed to manage a broad array of different conditions of the eye. For example, it can destroy many types of infections if they are visible on the cornea, avoiding shooting the laser directly into the iris and cleaning up this problem. However, if the infection has spread and become more damaging, it may be necessary to remove the cornea and replace it.

During this surgery, the YAG laser will cut away the tissue holding the cornea to the eye to make it easier to remove with other tools. Then, the laser can seal the new replacement cornea to the surrounding tissue to hold it in place. When done properly, this type of treatment may be done in an outpatient procedure, though an individual who gets it may need a patch to protect their eye.

They may also find that their vision is a little blurry for a week or so, but this problem will pass. And when it does, an individual who gets YAG treatment will have the same eye strength that they did before surgery and will be free of any infection that may trigger pain and eye damage.