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3 Things To Know About Real Ear Measurement Services

Real ear measurement is a way to precisely measure the sound going into your eardrum from a hearing aid. For anyone struggling with diminished hearing, this is an ideal way to figure out if your hearing aid is working properly or if it could be improved. Instead of struggling with a hearing aid that only offers moderate hearing improvement, real ear measurement services help you achieve the best hearing possible.

Here are three things to know about real ear measurement services:

Real Ear Measurement Services are Offered by Audiologists

One of the reasons real ear measurement services are so effective is that they're offered by trained audiologists. An audiologist is a professional who specializes in hearing and balance.

This means that your real ear measurement is performed by an expert who understands all the nuances of the ear itself as well as the various components of hearing. They will also be able to answer all of your questions about your hearing aid and how to most effectively use it.

Real Ear Measurement Services Use Proven Technology

When having a hearing aid fit, you will most likely be given two options: either a quick fit service or a real ear measurement. The real ear measurement uses the newest technology and is more precise than a quick fit. Your audiologist will use a tiny microphone probe to test different frequencies until they adjust your hearing aid to the perfect level for you.

This means your hearing aid is more likely to amplify your hearing to a satisfying degree if you opt for the real ear measurement. In fact, studies have shown that real ear measurement provides dramatically better results and improved customer satisfaction compared to older methods of fitting a hearing aid.

Real Ear Measurement Services Are More Nuanced

Before audiologists had access to real ear measurement services, they took a one size fits all approach to hearing aids. They would measure your hearing loss, input it into the hearing aid manufacturer ordering system, and then provide you with the resulting hearing aid. 

What real ear measurement services do differently is look at individual nuance. Instead of just measuring your hearing loss, they also measure your exact hearing aid amplification. This can vary by patient, even if another patient has the exact same hearing loss measurement. Every individual has a unique ear canal shape, which can influence the effects of your hearing aid. Real ear measurement is the only way to take this nuance into account.

When it's time to be fitted with a new hearing aid, talk to your audiologist about real ear measurement services. You will most likely be very happy with the results. For more information about real ear measurements, contact a local service provider, like Audiology Services.