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Protect Your Investment: How To Care For Your New Scrubs

If you've just finished schooling, and you're ready to buy your first scrubs, take steps to protect your investment. You'll be wearing your scrubs on a daily basis, which means they could wear out if they're not handled properly. That's why it's important that you provide proper care for them. One way to do that is to make sure that you wash them the right way, from day one. Here are three steps that will help you extend the life of your new scrubs. 

Lock in the Colors

When it comes to protecting your new scrubs, the first thing you want to do is lock in the colors. Constant washing and drying can cause the colors to fade quite quickly. One way to lock in the colors is to pre-treat your scrubs as soon as you get them. Luckily, there's an easy way to get those colors locked in. Once they are, you won't need to worry about fading. First, fill the sink with cold water and add about a half cup of vinegar. Second, place your new scrubs in the water and allow them to soak for about 15 minutes. Third, use your hands to wash the vinegar solution through the fibers. Finally, rinse your scrubs and allow them to air dry. 

Don't Mix Your Scrubs

Now that you have your scrubs, you'll want to take steps to keep them separated from the rest of your laundry. If you planned to toss your scrubs in the laundry with the rest of the colors, you'll want to change your plan. For the best care of your scrubs, you shouldn't wash them with the rest of your laundry. That's because you'll need to make sure that your scrubs are clean and sanitary each time you wash them. To avoid mixing your laundry, be sure to provide a separate laundry basket for your scrubs. 

Don't Stop at One Wash

If you've never washed scrubs before, you might not know the proper process. For ordinary clothing, you can send through one wash cycle. But, that's not the case with your scrubs. Instead, you'll want to send your scrubs through two separate wash cycles. First, spray stain remover on any stains you can see. Second, turn your scrubs inside out and place them in the washing machine. Third, send your scrubs through a complete wash cycle in cold water. Finally, send your clothes through a second wash cycle in hot water. Once you've sent your scrubs through two complete wash cycles, you'll want to dry them on the highest dryer setting. This will remove any germs and bacteria that are hiding in your scrubs.

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