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3 Major Benefits Of Direct Primary Care

Healthcare in the United States can be complicated because there are so many different options available to patients. One of the slightly newer models of healthcare is called direct primary care, and, as its name suggests, it aims to bring healthcare providers and patients closer together. While most people who choose to be a part of a direct primary care network still maintain insurance coverage of some kind, there are many benefits that attract people to direct primary care in the first place. Take a look at three of the benefits below.

Personalized Care

One of the biggest differences between direct primary care and more traditional insurance-centric models of healthcare is the relationship you have with your doctor. Many people become frustrated with their primary care providers for a number of reasons. For example, they may feel that their doctors are impersonal, do not know them or their medical history intimately enough, or emphasize speed of care over quality. With direct primary care, you can rest easy knowing that you have access to an experienced doctor who knows more about you and your health without insurance getting in the way.

Clear Pricing

When most people visit a doctor for a primary care consultation, their heads are most likely filled with questions about their deductible and co-pay and how much the actual bill be after the insurance provider and healthcare provider compare information and charge additional fees. Thankfully, these kinds of questions are not part of the equation when you are a member of a direct primary care network. Instead, there is only clear, simple information about what you will pay upfront. Of course, direct primary care does not usually cover the cost of medication, additional testing, or emergency procedures, but you will not have to worry about the confusing pricing ever again for visits and consultations.


Another of the biggest reasons people seek out direct primary care is convenience. Doctors in a primary care network can be contacted by patients via phone, text, or email and can often schedule same-day or next-day appointments. Furthermore, because they have a smaller patient pool, these doctors are able to spend more time speaking directly to their patients. This usually means that patients are more comfortable seeking out regular care and addressing health issues as they come up, all of which leads to superior healthcare. 

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