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The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Spinal Deformity Surgically Corrected

Living with a spinal deformity can be difficult. You may not be able to physically do all that you'd like to achieve, and you may also struggle with pain and discomfort. There are surgical procedures available that can correct most spinal deformities, but they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Consider these pros and cons before you agree to a spinal deformity correction surgery.

Pro: Surgical methods are quite advanced.

Spinal surgery has come a long way over the past few decades. It is much less invasive, which means it is safer and comes with a shorter healing time than it previously did. Most spine surgeries are now minimally invasive. They can be performed through a couple of small incisions, rather than through one large incision in the length of your back. This newer approach has led people who previously refused to have spinal surgery to finally opt into the procedure.

Con: Spinal surgery does come with some risks.

Now, your surgeon is going to do everything they can in order to ensure a good outcome. They'll minimize risk wherever they can. However, there will still be some element of risk that comes with spinal surgery. There's a chance, although it is a small one, that you may be paralyzed, suffer an infection, or have less mobility than expected post-surgery. Talk to your surgeon about these risks and how they apply to your health, specifically.

Pro: Spine surgery can increase your quality of life incredibly.

Other procedures, like chiropractic care and bracing, can give you a little relief. But surgery is the ultimate way to improve your quality of life as someone with a spinal deformity. You should be able to move better and with less pain post-surgery. This may be your best shot at being more physically active, participating in a sport you love, or even just working outside your home for the first time.

Con: There's recovery time to consider.

Although minimally invasive spinal surgery comes with a shorter recovery time than open surgery, the recovery is still a few months long. You will typically have to take at least a couple of weeks off from work, and you'll need to avoid intense physical activity for even longer. If you can't take this time, then spinal surgery may not be right for you.

Consider the pros and cons above before you decide whether to have this procedure. Contact a medical facility for more information regarding spine deformity surgery.