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What Can You Do To Expedite Your Knee Replacement Recovery?

At some point, you may need a knee replacement. This is a common procedure for those who develop arthritis in the knee or have limitations due to a knee injury. A knee replacement can offer relief from pain and can restore your range of motion. Knee replacement surgery is a major procedure, and it comes with a lot of rehabilitation. The recovery process can take a lot of time, but there are some things you can do that can expedite your healing. Here are some things you need to know:

Stay On Top of Pain Management

When you first have your knee replacement surgery, your doctor will prescribe pain management medication. Do not avoid taking the medication on schedule every day. If you do not take it, you will feel some discomfort and hamper your recovery. Proper pain management can majorly reduce any pain you may feel and spur you on in your recovery.

Stand and Walk as Soon as You Can

Knee replacement surgery is a significant procedure, and the recovery is not easy. Still, getting up and on your feet when your doctor clears you to do so is so important. The act of standing and walking will help with your circulation, limber up your joints, and help avoid blood clots and other complications. You will likely be asked to begin walking before you check out of the hospital. Walking also helps move the necessary nutrients that will help heal the knee. You will have the assistance of a walker at first to avoid an injury, but you should be able to walk freely within a few weeks.

Go to Physical Therapy

You need physical therapy to fully recover from a knee replacement. Your doctor will set you up with a physical therapist before you leave the hospital. Do not skip any of your appointments. This will slow down your recovery and you could possibly injure yourself. The therapist will help you learn how to walk properly, restore movement in the knee, and help you regain your strength.

Get Adequate Rest

More than anything, you need to get enough rest in order to heal properly. Try not to walk more than you need to, especially at the beginning of the recovery process. You will end up with excess swelling, which slows down your recovery. Take time to sit and elevate your leg. Apply heat and ice as prescribed by your doctor to help keep your knee healthy.

To learn more about total joint rehab programs, contact a local clinic.