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Why Botox Has Remained Consistently Popular

Although the cosmetic industry is quite large (and growing every year), a lot of the procedures being done today weren't even invented ten years ago. Medical science moves at a rapid pace and so it is rare for cosmetic procedures to remain in vogue for very long. With that in mind, it is quite surprising just how long facial Botox has been around and how it keeps growing in popularity.

Here are a few reasons why you should always trust facial Botox when compared to the alternatives and why so many people choose it as their preferred cosmetic option.

Keep It Simple

The main reason why Botox hasn't been changed or updated that much in all the years it has been around is due to how simple it is. All it does is stop the muscles that it is injected into from wrinkling and creasing, which helps smooth your facial features in a way that no cream or ointment could ever accomplish. There are no complicated steps that can be changed or a formula that needs updating. Facial Botox has been working for decades and if it isn't broken, why fix it? 

Alternatives Just Try To Copy Botox

One of the main reasons why Botox hasn't diminished in popularity is because the procedures that have been created to target the same facial wrinkles are almost identical to Botox, just far more expensive. Botox is, after all, readily available and quite cheap because of how widespread it is. Other injectable facial treatments may take longer, cost more, and have less of an effect for the foreseeable future than Botox. Best case scenario, you pay a little bit more for almost the same thing as Botox, which is why most people who know about these other options still choose Botox.

Higher Risk Involved In New Options

For the less established alternatives to facial Botox, such as chemical peels or even targeted acupuncture, the results vary from non-existent to slightly similar. There is no standardized response that is easy to predict like there is with Botox and, in some cases, the results are significantly worse. These less tested methods are not advisable because they can be done by people with not as much training and have less scientific backing to support their claims. The amount of literature and research done into Botox gives it a firm foundation on which to claim it is the best option, and few would argue. 

To learn more about facial Botox, reach out to a provider near you.