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Things You Might Experience With Lung Cancer Care

If you or even a close loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be interested in learning about the lung cancer care that will most likely be provided. While your doctor will need to come up with a treatment plan based on what stage your lung cancer is in and what other problems you might have going on, here are some of the things you might experience.


There are cell lung cancers that can sometimes be removed through surgery. The surgeons will literally remove little bits of your lungs that have cancer in hopes that they are getting all of it. You will need to go through some tests after surgery in order to determine if they were able to get all of it or if you might need a secondary treatment. There is always a chance that you will need another surgery.

Targeted Therapy Medication

The type of medication that targets and kills cancer can be taken in pill form or it can be received through an IV. However, since this is not a treatment that is suitable for all types of cancers of the lungs and stages, your doctor might need to run some tests prior to starting the medication treatment.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

A lot of people mix up radiation and chemotherapy, assuming they are one and the same. They are actually very different, and your doctor will decide which is best for your situation. The radiation treatment uses something similar to x-rays, called high-energy rays. These rays target and kill cancer. Chemotherapy is something that can be received through an IV or in earlier stages of lung cancer, it might be able to be given in pill form. Chemotherapy usually comes with some debilitating side effects, such as nausea and body aches. Then there is the chance that you might experience hair loss. 

As you can see, there are various types of lung cancer treatment that might be available to you. You will need to discuss this with your pulmonologist, the specialist that treats the different kinds of problems with the lungs, including cancer. The sooner you get a treatment plan in place, the sooner the process can get started. Remission is possible for a lot of people, but cancer needs to be caught quickly, you need to begin treatment immediately, and you will want to keep a positive mindset.

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